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cool toy shop
Scott's Page o' Computer Illiteracy
The People Page
The World of Dr. Leo Buscaglia
Scott's Page o' Computer Illiteracy
Dead People Server
TombStone Tourist
Mensa International
This Day in History
The Chocolate Lovers' Page [10.30.96]
- I Hate Computers! -
Explore Art, Science & History with Smithsonian Magazine
Ocean Temp Color Map
Clown Hall Of Fame
DOGZ: Your Computer Petz
I love you
Auorora Borealis Images and Sounds
Never Forget
CDT Privacy Demonstration Page
What's New Too!
Ste-chan's Kanji of the Day
Rheingold's Brainstorms: Virtual Worlds
Watch Bill's House Grow!
A History of Ships Named Enterprise
The Journal of strange phenomena
My Yahoo! news summary for CurtLashley
Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
The Angry Organization: Anger Central
AudioNet AudioBooks
DAK: Links
Send-Out Service, Awesome Card Announce
The Ultimate Directory - InfoSpace
Superstitions ANONYMIZER: Open URL

Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
Other Reasons to Hate Computers
Welcome to
What time is it?
Brain Teasers!

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Center for the Easely Amused
Collection of Past Links
Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts Secrets of the Internet
Halcyon User Pages
Platinum 100 - - The Top 100 Sites of 1997 - 17-MAR-97 - 10:35 PM EDT
The Encyclopedia of links
What We Learned on the Web
Blessed be and welcome to The Witches' Voice - Boston, Mass.
The Awesome Graduate by AWESOME CYBER CARDS Free cyber greeting cards.

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NPR Netshow Homepage
N9MHQ's Radio Station Listings
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Audio
RealPlayer Destinations
Welcome to RealMedia !
The Audio Arena
AudioNet Radio Station Guide
The Cyberplex Cinema Sound Theatres
1000 Realaudio Sites- My HardDrive
Live Guide

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Yuk Yuk's International Stand-Up Comedy
Javi's Saxophone Homepage
Radio Reading Services
AudioNet CD Jukebox
Mike's Radio World: Live Radio on the Web
Audio On-Demand
CNET - NEWS.COM - Radio Index
Japan Radio
RealAudio:National Public Radio
NPR NetShow Newscasts
WSJT - Tampa's Jazz Station
WFSJ 97.9 FM - Smooth Jazz From Jacksonville
WDVE 102.5
970 WFLA
Ken Piercey's Moose Files
D e l i r i u M.N e t - The DeliriuM Network! Tune Zone

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MetaCrawler Searching
Ask Jeeves
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Intnet's Name Server lookup Page


Global Business Card Department Directory
Search Engine_1

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Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
The Cockney Handbook

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ARTFL Project: Bibles
ARTFL Project: King James Bible Search Form
ARTFL Project: Database Search Form

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Internet Search

intetnet address lookup


Everton's Genealogical Helper: Web Site
Genealogy Resources on the Internet - Genealogy Bulletin Board Search
AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
People Finder
Phone Number Lookup
Welcome to WhoWhere?
The Cyberspace Yellow Pages - Main Index
Four11 Directory Services
Yellow Pages Search
Switchboard: Find a Person
Looking4U, Inc. - Post a Listing
Mirabilis LTD. - Global Directory
GTE SuperPages(sm): Interactive Yellow Pages

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BigBook Map
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas - Find
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome!
Yahoo! Maps
Maps On Us Map

Music Lyrics/Chords & Record Database

The International Lyrics Server With Chords
All-Music Guide Main Page
Search for Song Lyrics
The Lyrics Server's Top 5 Hot Links
Search for lyrics

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FTP search v3.3
IPL The Internet Public Library
RESCUE ISLAND plus SEARCH ENGINE for Commercial Goods and Services


Genres and Keywords
Internet Movie Database Search

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Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
BigBook Directory Search
BRB Publications: The Public Record Research Library
My Virtual Reference Desk - Table of Contents
National Archives and Records Administration
MetaCrawler | MetaSpy
Massive Clip Art Souce
TCBN - The Computer Broadcast Network
IP Address to Latitude/Longitude

WWW Search Engines

Eeeek-NET! Onlinteractive Magazine - Cool Search Engin
AAA World Announce Archive - Matilda Search Engine
Ahoy! The Homepage Finder
All 4 One Search Machine; Results of 4 Web Search Engines Side by Side.
Alldata WWW Server auto service gopher
All-in-One Search Page
AltaVista: Main Page
ArchiePlex Form
Beanie's Page Finder
CyberSpyder Link Test
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
Excite Home
MetaCrawler Searching
Neat Home Page displaying seach engins
Search Index
Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
Starting Point
Surf Point
The Internet Services List
The Open Text Index
Web Interface to Whois
WebCrawler Searching
United States Information Agency
welcome to breakfree!
Welcome to Lycos
Welcome to MusicSearch
World Wide Web Pocket Directory
Yahoo - All WWW Search Engins
Filez - Search 75M files and 1000s of servers for freeware, shareware, & commercial software
The Ultimate Directory - InfoSpace
Records Management Services from SARA
Excite Computers & Internet: Computers & Internet: Internet: Search Engines
Webprowler: web gadgets and gizmos...poke poke poke


PGP Service & Support
Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base
Client Product Support U.S. Robotics Sportster Files
The Cobb Group - Home Page
Creative Labs
Zoom 56K Upgrade Program
Creative's Online Knowledgebase
Contact Creative Labs Technical Support
PowerQuest Corporation
Directory of /pub/creative/drivers/sb16awe

Quick Tour of Johnstown Pennsylvania
Johnstown Redevelopment Authority - Johnstown Information
Saint Francis College, Pennsylvania
Southern Alleghenies of Pennsylvania Web Pages Index
Crutch's Playhouse
Nanty Glo Forum
Nanty Glo Home Page
Johnstown Pennsylvania Information Source Online
Johnstown Pennsylvania Information Source Online


AllPolitics - Touching A Nerve - Sept. 13, 1996
Skeleton Closet: All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates: Clinton, Dole, Nader, Gramm, Buchanan, Forbes, Alexander, Dornan, Keyes, Etc.
The Satire on Bob's Fridge Door from Cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld

My Stocks

Birkshire B


Welcome to WWW.CARROTTOP.COM - Add Bookmark Now! - Tell All Your Friends!
The Funny Bone Wav Files
Rodney Dangerfield
Cringley from PBS
The Funny Bone Wav Files
The Nasty Joke Page
The Sandy Lindsey Humor Homepage
Yuk Yuk's International Stand-Up Comedy
Comedy on the Web: This Week's Featured Comedy Act

Art and Literature

STScI/HST Pictures
1492 Exhibit
Escher directory (sorted alphabetically)
Escher's Art Museum
Free Art
Shakespeare Homepage
The Virtual Library: Museums
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!
Animation of Heaven Hell in 3-D!
STScI/HST Pictures

Banking & Other Crooks

Credit Repair Scams
Find a Visa ATM Machine Near You
NationsBank | Home Page
The Credit Card Advisor
Tax Briefing Book
Quicken Financial Network

Satellite Stuf Orbcomm


PGP Products
-|-|-|-|-|-|- No More Secrets! -|-|-|-|-|-|-|-
AEgis Products
Copyware NeverLock Unlocks Unprotects Copy Protection
Freedom of Speech -- Use it or Lose it!
Mycal Labs [Zipcrack]
Security and Encryption Links
Social Security Number FAQ

Tech Support Pages

Adaptec's Desktop Support Pages
CompUSA - Products (Advertised)
Diamond Multimedia: Site Search
Genoa Technology's Web Site
Help with Netscape Atlas
HP Printer Drivers
Manufacturer Tech Support Phone#s Directory
Microsoft Free Downloads
Microsoft Support Online Knowledge Base
Microsoft Support Options
Microsoft Technical Support Knowledge Base
Plaza Computers
Practical Internet Kit
TechWeb - The Technology Super Site
The MIND LINK! Technical Support Page
TOL FrontDoor
Welcome to Corel Corporation
Welcome to NetManage


Connectix VideoPhone for Windows demo and beta
GoldMine Software Corporation
Mastering Computers
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Veryt GOOD Win 95 tips and tricks
Welcome to BetaNet
Win95-L Windows95 FAQ
Windows 95
Windows 95 Central home page
Windows 95 Software
Killer Utilities: TCP/IP
Sander's KeyScreen Previewer ( - DLL Files, Visual Basic Runtimes 5.0, 4.0, and 3.0, VB40032.DLL, VB40032.EXE 


Fred Waltman-Culver City Home Brewing Supply
Count Darling and Family Home Page - 07-27-96
Cousin Corp / Enterprise Art
Culver City Home Brewing Supply
jenkins 's Home Page
Roger D. Peters' Home Page

Stan Good


A Save The Universe Club
Antique Clock Repair
Detailed World Clock information
Horology - The Index (The Science of Timekeeping, Clocks and Watches ) - - Your global resource guide to the Internet, covering: timekeeping, timekeepers, time, clock, clocks, watch, watches, Uhren, Uhr, Zeit, Zeitmessung, orlogi, montres, montres, pendules, horloges, horloge, horlogerie, Uhrmacher, horloger, pendulier, index, lists, resources, links, global, worldwide, international, horological, pendulum, Pendel, balance wheel, Unruh, verge, foliot, gear, gears, chronometer, chronograph, and related eduacation, museums, collection, history, brand, brands, courses, schools, books, periodical, information, organisation, company, companies,
Horology -The Index (Exact Time / Misc. Locations)
The Antiquarian Horological Society
USNO Master Clock Time
Electric Fan Collectibles

Games Addresses

You Don't Know Jack - The Net Show
Directory of /pub/idgames/themes
Dr. Download - Only the Finest in Shareware!
Game Music Homepage - Links to other sites and files
Puzzle Page
The Addventurers
The Game Developer's Resourcium
The Software Site--Home of the best Windows Games
Welcome to the World of PYST

Job Search

Florida Job Link
A Virtual Job Fair - Welcome
AJB: Menu Search
Florida Job Link
Job Listings
Yahoo! Classifieds
Career Hunt - jobs, career, recruiter, head hunter, employment, vocation, success, job hunting, jobs, career, recruiter, head hunter, employment, vocation, success, job hunting, jobs, career, recruiter, head hunter, employment, vocation, success, job hunting, jobs, career, recruiter, head hunter, employment, vocation, success, job hunting, jobs, career, recruiter, head hunter, employment, vocation, success, job hunting, jobs, career, recruiter, head hunter, employment, vocation, success, job hunting

Legal/Copywrite Stuf

10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Oppedahl & Larson Patent Law Web Server
Web Law FAQ
Welcome to the Software Publishers Association

Medical Info

Specific Disease Category Listing (109)
Specific Disease Category Listing (109)
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Advances in Arthritis and Knee Repair
American Medical Association - Publishing search tools
American Medical Association Publishing Home Page
Arthritis -- Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis
HeadAche Page
Health, Longevity & Everlasting Life
Human Anatomy On-line
Medical Breakthroughs reported by Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.
MedZone The Medical Manager's Online Resource - News, Info & Communications for Medical/Healthcare Managers
National Headache Foundation Sign-In Page
Welcome to Medsite Navigator
Is Your Heart Healthy?
Exercise Electrocardiography (Stress Test)
The Visible Human Project
FOX News - Video Frameset
Drug Database - by Trade Name (L)
The Columbia Virtual Body
The Chopra Center for Well Being


The Last Place on Earth
WJAC Johnstown 6

Shipper Package Tracking

About Airborne Express
UPS Home Page
Welcome to FedEx